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We define true leadership as the ability to influence and to inspire others to set and to achieve individual or common goals.   Is it necessary to hold a position of authority in order to be a leader? No it’s not. True leadership does not come from a formal title or from formal authority.  It also does not come from bullying or taking advantage of others. It really comes from the ability to influence and to inspire others to act. 

At work we particularly use our leadership skills when we: 

  • Teach, train and coach others
  • Set the pace and monitor result
  • Influence and inspire others to act and to achieve      

In our personal life, we also use our leadership skills:      

  • In our role of parents
  • In our role of sibling
  • Whenever we influence and inspire our family members and friends to act and to achieve

In association with our Project Partners, we are pleased to offer on a complimentary basis, our series of 6 proven educational courses which help the individuals who complete them improve their:

  • Leadership abilities
  • Ability to manage change
  • Career progression
  • Quality of life 

Our courses have already been used by tens of thousands of individuals in some of the largest organizations in North America.  Recently Global Forum for Agriculture Development, Research and Innovation GFAR as a sponsor has provided 200 not-for-profit organizations GFAR Partners the 6 course document so that they can use with their staff, volunteer, clients and to promote their mission and to fundraise.  


Our Complimentary Leading by Managing My Life Courses:
  • Include access to audio-visual presentations that cover the content of the courses in detail.
  • Include workbooks with user-friendly exercises which are completed on a self-study basis.
  • Are loaded with ideas and proven techniques.
  • Can lead to a "Certificate in Leadership Abilities for the individuals who complete at least 4 of the 6 courses in the series.

The 6 Leading by Managing My Life Courses:
Leading By:  

Who Would Benefit From These Courses?

  • Individuals not employed in a leadership position who are interested in developing their leadership skills in order to further advance their careers and improve the quality of their life.
  • Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers who want to refine their leadership skills and manage change more effectively in order to experience more personal and professional success in their life.





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