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Leading by Managing My Life with Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence
Leading by Managing My Life with a Positive Attitude
Leading by Managing My Life with Win-Win Relationships
Leading by My Managing My Life through Goal-Setting and Taking Action
Leading by Managing My Life: Managing Stress
Leading by Managing My Life: Managing My Time
Managing My Life - Planning Your Retirement
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Business Coaching Services - Experiencing The Winning Edge
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The programs we offer are quality, proven educational programs which help individuals improve their leadership abilities, their ability to manage change, their productivity at work and the quality of their life.  They have already been used by tens of thousands of individuals in some of the largest organizations in North America.


Our Leadership Programs:
  • Include webinars which are clear and concise.
  • Are loaded with ideas and proven techniques.
  • Includes access to an audio-visual presentation that covers in detail the content of the program.
  • Includes a workbook loaded user-friendly exercises which is completed on a self-study basis after the webinar. 
  • Includes options one-on-one Coaching services.
  • Includes an online exam to demonstrate knowledge of the content of the programs.
  • Can lead to a "Certificate in Leadership Abilities.
  • Include a deep relaxation exercise which can be used daily to improve concentration and productivity.

Our Programs Are Used By Organizations To: 

  • Improve employee's leadership skills
  • Increase loyalty and improve retention
  • Improve teamwork
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Improve productivity at work and bottom line results 



The following leadership programs are offered in a webinar followed by online access to the course materials.
Leading By:  

Who Would Benefit From These Programs?

  • Employees employed in a non-leadership position who are interested in developing their leadership skills in order to further advance their careers.
  • Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers who want to improve their own leadership skills and obtain at the same time a formal "Certificate in Leadership."

Additional Programs We Offer:

Our organization has developed and published a comprensive lifestyle retirement program entitled Managing My Life: Planning Your Retirement.  For more information, please CLICK HERE

Our organization has published a comprehensive sales and business development program entitled ``Experiencing The Winning Edge¨ and we provide business coaching services using that program.  For more information please CLICK HERE


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